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Included is resource information about expert systems that support applications like product advisors, diagnostic assistants, job aids and technical tutors. Demonstrations are provided along with free expert system building tools that support delivery of expert systems as Java applets and Android apps.
The demo expert systems let you participate in simulated interviews with expert advisors
Demonstrations are provided for the server-based e2gDotNet, and downloadable Java Applet-based e2gRuleEngine and e2gDroid Lite for Android devices.
Use the free e2gRuleWriter decision table software to create, simplify and validate e2gRuleEngine Knowledge Bases and e2gDroid Lite to deliver Android applications
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To learn more about how expert systems work take a look at the Tutorials or the Building and Using Expert Systems Mini-Course.
To try an example consultation, pick one of the Server-Based Demonstrations.
To build your own Java applet-based expert systems, download the FREE e2gRuleEngine expert system shell and e2gRuleWriter decision table knowledge base generator.
Expert systems are often more effective than other computer-based advising methods because they are...
Goal oriented: expert systems deliver answers to very specific questions that represent the goals of the interview: they aren't focused on abstract or theoretical information.
Efficient: requests for new information are based on your earlier responses -- you don't waste time providing irrelevant input.
Adaptive: if you don't know the answers to all of the questions, alternate paths through the knowledge base might allow deduction of sufficient facts to provide useful advice.
Able to deal with uncertainty: expert systems can process your uncertain responses and, by combining several pieces of uncertain information, may still be able to make strong recommendations.
Able to explain their information requests and suggestions: justification for each question you are asked along with a detailed explanation of the reasoning that led to any recommendations is available as you work. You get to see how the expert system used rules from its knowledge base to convert your input into advice. An eXpertise2Go expert system educates you about your problem as it leads you toward a solution.
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