Introduction to Knowledge Engineering [1]

Knowledge engineering is the process of codifying an expert's knowledge in a form that is accessible to a non-expert through an expert system.
The knowledge engineering field encompasses many tools and techniques that are described in detail in the references: Harmon and Sawyer, 1990 is particularly recommended. Our introduction emphasizes small-scale business applications for which we will take the view that knowledge engineering is a specialized form of information systems analysis and design. In fact, the process has much in common with planning effective instruction or many other planning activities. You will see as this presentation proceeds that the key to developing small scale expert systems is to begin with the objectives of the consultation and then work backward to define user inputs and rules that will let the system deliver appropriate advice. Here are the topics we'll consider in this brief introduction:
Deciding whether or not a decision problem would make a suitable expert system application.
Choosing an expert whose expertise will be modeled in the knowledge base.
Capturing the expert's expertise and encoding this expertise as rules in a knowledge base.

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